If you're looking for massage in Jaipur then you've come to the right place!


Jaipur Remedial Therapies is not  a spa, it won't give you that whole spa experience. 

It will give you an exceptional service that you get from seeing an experienced therapist who specialises in remedial massage in Jaipur.    

Whichever treatment you choose, it will be a massage that you go away remembering for all the right reasons!



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Experience a corrective and therapeutic massage in Jaipur by contacting Dannie today on  r.massagejaipur@gmail.com or https://m.me/jaipurRmassage 

Jaipur Remedial Therapies is run by me, Dannie Sowden.


I ran a busy massage practice in the UK http://www.driftawaytherapies.co.uk/ for eight years before following my heart and moving to India end of 2016, to work in social causes.  I worked as a volunteer teacher teaching children in the slums, alongside other social projects.   I currently split my time between my massage practice here in India and my UK massage business.


I began training in massage fourteen years ago whilst working in education in stressful school environments. After treating and working on numerous issues from sciatica and S.I joint issues to frozen shoulders and neck problems and having seen first hand the beneficial difference it has made to people's lives, I've developed a real passion for deep tissue massage. 


Over the last 11 years I have completed numerous advanced courses in massage to enhance my knowledge and skills, looking at more in-depth ways of treating the muscles in order to gain greater benefit to the body.


J.R.M recognises the importance of a therapeutic approach, taking in to account mind, body and spirit.

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In need of a regular remedial and medical massage to take care of your aches and pains in Jaipur?  

 Look no further.


Jaipur Remedial Therapies is a massage service with a difference! 

Treatments are provided by a highly experienced and qualified massage therapist with over 11 years experience in the UK & India.


Providing a range of corrective and relaxing treatments at a tranquil therapeutic location in C scheme, Jaipur, near Anokhi cafe.


Offering specific treatments designed to get in to problem areas, providing medical and remedial massage to target chronic issues, sports injuries and health conditions.


Jaipur Remedial Therapies has something for everyone.

So if a relaxing, meditative or soothing massage is more your thing then we also offer Swedish massage and a range of combo massage packages to provide a relaxing treatment or a range of meditation options.


Follow the Facebook page to find out about latest availability, special offers, news and reviews!

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Kindly note that treatments are available only for women and international tourists

Have painful shoulders? Suffering from headaches? A sore lower back?

Simply in need of some relaxation to unwind the mind?

Look no further for remedial massage in Jaipur!

Effective treatment for;


*Neck and shoulder pain                                 * Headaches/migraines

* Sciatica/piriformis syndrome                      * Chronic pain conditions

* Muscle strains or ligament sprain                * Frozen shoulder

* Back pain                                                        * Muscle tension, spasm and stiffness

* Leg, knee and foot pain                                 * Sports injuries

* Hip and pelvic pain                                        * Degenerative disc disease

* Rotator cuff injuries (shoulder injuries)     * Whiplash 

* RSI conditions                                                * TMJ and jaw pain

e.g Carpal tunnel and tennis elbow                * SI joint dysfunction


N. Vyas

'I went to Dannie with my aching neck and was very apprehensive in letting anyone touch it. But few minutes in the session relaxed me and the pain was almost gone after the massage. Since then I have become a regular for the more medical and therapeutic effects of the massage, Dannie is certainly an expert.'

R. Elliot

I can, and do, highly recommend this massage service. I've been going regularly since March. Friends I've recommended have also found it extremely helpful, be they gym workers, long term injuries, or general. 



Deep tissue medical massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissues caused by repetitive use and trauma. 


Deep tissue massage works by applying firm pressure directly on the muscles, knots and areas of tension to get to the root of the problem and break down sticky fibres, release tension and get oxygen in to the muscle tissue.


Dannie combines a variety of different techniques from soft tissue release, muscle energy and mobilisation techniques to speed the break down of tension and work deeply into the muscles.




  • Highly effective on problem areas, acute or chronic pain and restrictions in the muscles  

  • Beneficial after exercise and before sporting events.

  • Facilitates greater range of motion in the joints and muscles.

  • Great for a general loosening up when you're feeling tight in the muscles.

  • Reduces swelling, bruising and pain after injury.

  • Helps reduce imbalances in the body. 

  • Helps with inflammation, pain and loss of function.

  • Used as part of a programme to get you back to full health.

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medical massage jaipur

Try a deep tissue medical massage treatment to really get into those problem areas.  

Effective treatment for;


*Neck and shoulder pain                   

* Headaches/migraines

* Sciatica/ Piriformis syndrome       

* Chronic pain conditions

* Muscle strains or ligament sprain

* Frozen shoulder

* Muscle tension, spasm and stiffness

* Back Pain/lower back issues

* Leg, knee and foot pain

* Sports injuries

* Hip and pelvic pain 

* Degenerative disc disease

* Rotator cuff or shoulder injuries  

* Whiplash

* RSI conditions 

e.g Carpal Tunnel and tennis elbow

* TMJ and jaw pain

*SI joint syndrome and pain


A. Spragg

'Dannie is brilliant at massage. She helped with so many of my injuries through carrying children and sports. I could have wasted so much money on physio when she has all the skills necessary.'

S. Holmes

'Dannie gave me good advice on how I can reduce my tension and build up. Thank you for my deep tissue massage feel refreshed and so much lighter.'

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Kindly note that treatments are available only for women and international tourists


 Swedish massage is one of the most popular types of massage and tends to be a form of relaxation massage. 


Swedish massage is an opportunity for you to pamper yourself and have all that stress and tension eased out of the body, it provides mind and body relaxation.



· Provides mind and body relaxation allowing you to switch off and leaves you feeling lighter and relaxed after the treatment.

· Helps break down some tension held in the muscles and relieve back pain.

· Leaves you feeling more mobile within the joints and muscles.
· Improves circulation, giving it a boost, to produce healthier skin.
· Promotes greater energy and a feeling of calm.



Massage Jaipur, providing therapeutically relaxing massage treatments to help you unwind!

Kindly note that treatments are available only for women and international tourists

L. Hewlett

'Dannie has to be the best massage therapist I have ever had, the atmosphere she creates is perfect to fully relax and enjoy a fantastic massage which leaves you feeling refreshed and speeds up recovery from muscle injuries.'

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Back massage Jaipur

Experience a corrective and therapeutic massage in Jaipur by contacting Dannie today on  r.massagejaipur@gmail.com or https://m.me/jaipurRmassage 


Hot stone massage involves massage with hot balsamic rocks which retain heat and help to get in to tired and achy muscles.  

This treatment can be taken as a wonderfully relaxing massage with the stones used by being held in the therapist's hands and massaging with or used in conjunction with a deep tissue massage to get deeper and more precisely into muscles.  A soothing, relaxing massage or an aid to a deeper, remedial massage.




  • Provides a wonderful blast of heat, which penetrates deeper into the muscle, allowing muscle tension to break down but without some of the pain elements of deep tissue.
  • Helps to soothe and relax body and mind.
  • Boosts circulation due to the heat used.
  • Aids relaxation and the warm and comforting heat is relaxing.
  • When combined with deep tissue massage it is especially helpful at getting in to problem areas, aiding to break down tension and free up muscles further


Kindly note that treatments are available only for women and international tourists


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K. Agarwal

'The heat is so soothing, my muscles are paining less and the stones are warming and relaxing.  My shoulders feel looser already.'

Hot stone massage Jaipur, warming, soothing, relaxing and easing for muscles and mind.

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Face and Head massage

Combining a soothing and de-stressing head/scalp massage with a relaxing and refreshing face massage.  Releasing tension in the shoulders, arms and neck before coming up on to the face to purify and rejuvenate the facial skin. 


To complete the treatment a deeply relaxing head massage is given in order to provide mental clarity and allow you to switch off and unwind.  Pure bliss!


Half and Half treatment

Providing you with a soothing and relaxing massage for the back, neck and shoulders, all key areas that carry tension.  This allows any knots and physical tension to be released helping you to de-stress and unwind.  Next is a stimulating yet relaxing, therapeutic face massage to nourish the skin  before moving onto the head massage to provide total mind and body relaxation.  


A perfect relaxing treatment that always proves to be popular!



J. Slade

'Lucky enough to experience Dannie's massage skills in Jaipur and in her super relaxing home, I couldn't recommend her enough. I've been to a few spa's in my time but nothing compares to a massage from Dannie.'

Look after mind, body and spirit  with relaxing, soothing and de-stressing treatments.

Take care of your overall well-being.

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 Kindly note that treatments are available only for women and international tourists

Experience a corrective and therapeutic massage in Jaipur by contacting Dannie today on  r.massagejaipur@gmail.com or https://m.me/jaipurRmassage


Guided meditation sessions are 1 hour long with 50 minutes dedicated to the meditation itself.


The first 25 minutes Dannie will use hypnotic techniques to aid you in relaxation taking you on a mystical adventure to a space and place where you'll be in a deep meditative state that provides inner calm and de-stresses you.


The guided meditation element will fade out and the soothing sound of the music will help relax you further providing this quiet meditation time to find that inner peace, switch off the mind or process any thoughts that come to you.


Gradually, Dannie will begin to bring you back out of this hypnotic meditative state.  Leaving you with a wonderful sense of calm, tranquility and relaxed feelings.




Guided meditation is great for all those people who say they can't meditate! 


The guided hypnosis means you have something to focus upon, helping you to switch off the conscious mind and put you in to a deeply relaxed state.  This helps reduce mental and emotional stress and tension and is great for minds that don't stop!


It provides a space where you can switch off and use the time to process your thoughts or enjoy the peace, tranquility and calmness.


It will put you in a deep meditative state, providing a wonderful feeling of complete relaxation and space to think. 

It's a place that you can return to in your mind time and time again.


Jaipur guided meditation is a perfect de-stresser and a way to find that inner peace. 


Bringing body and mind to ultimate relaxation, for a deeper more relaxing and unique treatment.

These sessions can be taken as individual sessions or you are welcome to book in for a group of up to 4 people. 

You can check out the various prices on the massage jaipur prices page.

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Experience a corrective and therapeutic massage in Jaipur by contacting Dannie today on  r.massagejaipur@gmail.com or https://m.me/jaipurRmassage 

Enjoy a relaxing, purifying facial.  A pampering experience for your skin that uses natural clay to nourish it.  Leaving you feeling and looking great.



Daily life can leave our skin looking dull and lifeless. It can cause skin to become sluggish and clogged with impurities.
In the holistic facial treatment, using luxury Elemis products, there is a focus on rejuvenating the skin through cleansing, toning and a scrub, followed by a natural clay mask to bring radiance to the skin.  Whilst the face, shoulder, neck and head massage releases tension held in key areas of the face and head. 

· It can help slow down the aging process by stimulating elastin and collagen, which is vital for skin toning.
· It leaves skin looking rejuvenated, radiant and looking and feeling healthier.
· The clay mask provides soothing and deep cleaning to the skin whilst the minerals in the natural clay help to nourish the skin.
· The facial can improve facial skin and muscle tone.

· A facial can help to remove toxins from the skin that we build up on a daily basis.

· The additional shoulder/neck massage helps to alleviate tightness and tension, providing a more holistic treatment.





40 min express facial                             Rs1400

Includes a wonderfully relaxing cleansing and toning routine followed by a natural clay face mask. Whilst the mask is taking effect, either a shoulder/neck & head massage or hand & foot massage can be experienced.  An express face massage is given to stimulate circulation and give your skin that beautiful glow. 

60 min full facial with head massage   Rs1800

A rejuvenating facial designed to provide pampering and relieving of any facial tension, help stimulate facial skin and give a healthy complexion.    A thorough cleanse, tone and facial scrub are used to remove any impurities and a natural clay face mask is applied to provide nourishment and moisturisation.  After the face mask is applied, either a shoulder/neck and head massage or hand or foot massage can be experienced.  The face massage focuses upon pressure points, working on and around the sinuses, helping to ease headaches and relieve tension.  

60min back and express facial             Rs1800

This combines a twenty minutes back massage to reduce knots and areas of tension whilst providing an express facial including clay 
facial mask to provide relaxation yet healthy skin and a looser back.

90 min back and full facial                   Rs2500

The treatment combines a thirty minute back massage so areas of tension can be removed and knots freed up.  Along with a full facial which removes tension held in the head, jaw and neck whilst providing a pampering, soothing and smoothing facial to rejuvenate the skin.

2 hours luxury treatment                     Rs3200
Includes 1 hour massage and 1 hour full facial with head massage

Enjoy a 1 hour full body massage whilst relaxing further at the end with a 1 hour full facial, helping the body to totally unwind.  After this indulgent treatment, you're likely to not only feel, but look good from head to toe!

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Kindly note that treatments are available only for women and international tourists




Kindly note that treatments are available only for women and international tourists

Experience a corrective and therapeutic massage in Jaipur by contacting Dannie today on  r.massagejaipur@gmail.com or https://m.me/jaipurRmassage 


Kindly note that treatments are available only for women and international tourists

Jaipur Remedial Massage is more than just massage.  It's a therapeutic centre that understands the importance of mind, body and spirit. 


It's a form of medical massage in Jaipur and we recognise the importance of exercise in helping to strengthen your body, help combat problems and reduce tension. 


The links below are to some of our favourite sites that may be of benefit.  As always, go careful and only do as much as is comfortable. 

I love sports, health and fitness Jaipur
exercise equipment, health massage Jaipur
relaxation, exercise, massage Jaipur

Experience a corrective and therapeutic massage in Jaipur by contacting Dannie today on  r.massagejaipur@gmail.com or https://m.me/jaipurRmassage 


Medical/remedial/deep tissue massage in Jaipur, which is described as a firm therapeutic massage designed to help with pain issues and problems within the muscles.  Dannie has worked as a deep tissue massage therapist in the UK with UK/European standard training for eight years.

J.R.T understands the relationship between mind and body and the importance of relaxation and therefore offers a range of relaxation massages in Jaipur including Swedish massage and guided meditation sessions.


J.R.T is not a spa. Treatments are carried out at a relaxing studio space in C Scheme, Jaipur, in a space dedicated for massage. It offers exceptional massage which comes highly recommended, a comfy massage table, calming music and soothing oils to help you relax further.


Jaipur Massage service is located in Chitranjan Marg, C Scheme, Jaipur.  Just around the corner from Anokhi.  Appointments are by advance booking only and full address details will be given then, to ensure people do not turn up unexpectedly. 


Appointment are available five days a week between 9am and 8pm, we are closed on Saturdays and Wednesdays.  Earlier start times are available if needed.  We are closed some months, whilst Dannie is in the UK running her UK massage business, http://www.driftawaytherapies.co.uk/


Treatment times are specified on the treatment costs page, however it’s a good idea to leave an extra 20 - 30 minutes available.


Prices are listed on the treatment costs page and vary depending on the treatment.  You can find out our prices here - massage Jaipur prices.  You can also find out about our combination packages, monthly and subscription packages too.  For home visits, there is an additional 200 - 300rs to cover transport.


Dannie has a wealth of experience dealing with numerous health conditions and massage can be used to help aid many medical conditions.  Most medical issues don't restrict the treatment and can be helpful in your treatment plan.  Contact Dannie for further details.


J.R.T does not treat men unless in exceptional circumstances or when recommended by another client or accompanied by a female, for safety reasons.  J.R.T provides treatments for women and tourists  to ensure that people understand this is a strictly professional service.  


You can contact J.R.T via email through r.massagejaipur@gmail.com or via the Facebook messenger service;  https://m.me/jaipurRtherapies or https://www.facebook.com/jaipurRtherapies  Sadly our phone number has had to be removed due to the high number of inappropriate calls.


 You'll be feeling especially relaxed but may also feel tired and it's a good idea to rest. You'll be feeling lighter and looser in the muscles but some of your muscles may ache slightly.  It shows that the massage is having an affect and the feelings will subside shortly. Applying heat and ice to the area can help to calm things down.  To prolong the good feeling, taking part in exercise helps and you can find exercises here; massage jaipur exercises

Follow my Facebook page to find out about latest availability, special offers, news and reviews!

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Group Sound Meditation Jaipur

Perhaps you are travelling through Jaipur or someone local wanting to find different things to do or a means of greater relaxation.  Why not join our sound meditation class and find another beautiful way to switch off, clear the mind and be still within yourself.


What is sound meditation?

Sound meditation is meditating with a difference!  Meditation can be hard for some people and when in India surrounded by so much stimulation and noise, it can be hard to switch off.  Through the power of sound, with all other outside noises blocked out, you suddenly find yourself relaxing through the playing of the singing bowls, chimes and various instruments.


Sound meditation begins by making yourself comfortable on the mat, with a blanket or eye mask to aid relaxation.  The session begins with a short guided meditation to put you at ease.  As you begin to enter a tranquil state, a range of musical instruments are used, ranging from Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, rain sticks, ocean drum, shakers and the gong to assist you in your meditation.


You may find yourself drifting off, falling asleep or simply entering your own zone.  As the session comes to a close, recorded music is played to help you come around and transition back to full awareness.  Sounds like bliss!


Who is sound meditation for?

It's a great practice to get involved in if you find meditation hard but want to switch off and experience a meditative state.  If you want to silence some of the outside stimulation and noise or want to find clarity and an inner calm then sound meditation could be for you.  For the inquisitive mind or spiritual person it can be a new experience to try.




Group Sound Meditation


Through sound we find peace...


Rs 500 per person per session.

Every two weeks on


Mondays from 6pm till 7pm

Thursdays 10am till 11am


Next dates; 2nd, 5th, 16th, 19th & 30th March & 2nd April


Small group sessions for that personal approach


This treatment can also be booked as an individual session or for a private small group.  Check out the prices page for more information

Lie back, relax and let the sound wash over you. 

For further information, pictures and latest news on our sound meditation and other meditation groups, check out the facebook group


Feel the vibrational frequencies of Himalayan singing bowls as they aid you in to relaxation and bring about healing.


Sound Therapy


Sound Therapy



All sound provides a wave and vibration even if we can't hear it and those vibrations can have powerful effects, helping to bring about changes.  Our body resonates at a particular frequency and so by using singing bowls we are using frequencies and vibrations to reset elements of the body and bring about therapy for mind and body, creating balance once more. 


Sound therapy uses Himalayan Singing bowls, placed both on you and around you to provide not only an intense and deeply relaxing, meditative experience but also changes within the body itself to help with aches and pains, headaches and internal issues.  The vibrations from the bowls can be felt throughout you and are known to create change.  Many times people have responded how pleasantly surprised they were at how they could feel the vibrations resonating through them and feel its powerful effects.


Sessions are 60 minutes long and involve you lying on the floor on a comfortable mat.  Bowls are placed both around you and on you at different points throughout the treatment.  If coming for a treatment for back related issues, then you will be lying on a massage table with the bowls placed on areas of the body.  The treatment is carried out with you clothed but we advise thin, lightweight clothing so you can really feel the vibrations.


Depending on the reason for the treatment, the treatment will be tailored to your specific issues, such as problems in the back, neck, shoulders, sinus issues, headaches, stomach issues.



*Helps to create a deeply relaxing, meditative state where you can switch off and allow your mind to clear.

*Helps to clear the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling light and restored.

* May help with physical issues such as back, neck, shoulder pain, headache and sinus issues.

*Helps to create balance in body and mind.

Deep, intensely relaxing and de-stressing treatment for body and mind.


Sound Massage


Sound Massage


A treatment unique to Jaipur Remedial Therapies.  Combining the wonderful hpynotic, vibrational Himalayan singing bowls with massage!  As both a qualifed sound therapist and massage therapist, Dannie combines the two to provide a thereaputic, beautifully intense treatment on a whole new level.  Sensitively done in a way that creates a meditative, soothing state, starting with the singing bowls played on the body to set the vibrations and frequencies working through the system, to impact upon the muscles and create balance within our nervous system.  Followed by a relaxing, muscle soothing massage.

After turning over during the treatment, bowls are placed and used on key areas of tension on the back areas of the body so that the vibrations will help to relax the muscles.  This is before continuing with the massage to release tension, ease up areas of restriction and aid relaxation.  Finishing with the bowls soothingly played once again to allow you to go deeper into this meditative state, leaving you with a clearer mind, rejuvenated yet relaxed, both physically and mentally.


Plan to simply relax after the treatment and make the most of this wonderful feeling of deep, healing meditation and massage.



The massage is carried out as usual, unclothed but with sheets for covering.  The bowls are placed upon the sheets and never directly on the skin.  Treatments are 90 minutes long.




Kindly note that treatments are available only for women and international tourists


Address: Chitranjan Marg, C Scheme, Jaipur

Contact J.R.T

Kindly note that treatments are available only for women and international tourists