In need of a regular remedial and medical massage to take care of your aches and pains in Jaipur?  

 Look no further.


Jaipur Remedial Therapies is a massage service with a difference! 

Treatments are provided by a highly experienced and qualified British massage therapist with over 9 years experience in the UK.


Providing a range of corrective and relaxing treatments at a tranquil therapeutic location in C scheme, Jaipur.


Offering specific treatment that's designed to get in to problem areas, providing medical and remedial massage to target chronic issues, sports injuries and health conditions.


Jaipur Remedial Therapies has something for everyone.

So if a relaxing, meditative or soothing massage is more your thing then we also offer Swedish massage and a range of combo massage packages to provide a relaxing treatment.


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aching back, deep tissue massage jaipur

Kindly note that treatments are available only for women and international tourists

Have painful shoulders? Suffering from headaches? A sore lower back?

Simply in need of some relaxation to unwind the mind?

Look no further for remedial massage in Jaipur!

Effective treatment for;


*Neck and shoulder pain                                 * Headaches/migraines

* Sciatica/piriformis syndrome                      * Chronic pain conditions

* Muscle strains or ligament sprain                * Frozen shoulder

* Back pain                                                        * Muscle tension, spasm and stiffness

* Leg, knee and foot pain                                 * Sports injuries

* Hip and pelvic pain                                        * Degenerative disc disease

* Rotator cuff injuries (shoulder injuries)     * Whiplash 

* RSI conditions                                                * TMJ and jaw pain

e.g Carpal tunnel and tennis elbow                * SI joint dysfunction


N. Vyas

'I went to Dannie with my aching neck and was very apprehensive in letting anyone touch it. But few minutes in the session relaxed me and the pain was almost gone after the massage. Since then I have become a regular for the more medical and therapeutic effects of the massage, Dannie is certainly an expert.'

R. Elliot

I can, and do, highly recommend this massage service. I've been going regularly since March. Friends I've recommended have also found it extremely helpful, be they gym workers, long term injuries, or general.