If you're looking for massage in Jaipur then you've come to the right place!


Jaipur Remedial Therapies is not  a spa, it won't give you that whole spa experience. 

It will give you an exceptional service that you get from seeing an experienced therapist who specialises in remedial massage in Jaipur.    

Whichever treatment you choose, it will be a massage that you go away remembering for all the right reasons!



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Experience a corrective and therapeutic massage in Jaipur by contacting Dannie today on  r.massagejaipur@gmail.com or https://m.me/jaipurRmassage 

Jaipur Remedial Therapies is run by me, Dannie Sowden.


I ran a busy massage practice in the UK http://www.driftawaytherapies.co.uk/ for eight years before following my heart and moving to India end of 2016, to work in social causes.  I worked as a volunteer teacher teaching children in the slums, alongside other social projects.   I currently split my time between my massage practice here in India and my UK massage business.


I began training in massage fourteen years ago whilst working in education in stressful school environments. After treating and working on numerous issues from sciatica and S.I joint issues to frozen shoulders and neck problems and having seen first hand the beneficial difference it has made to people's lives, I've developed a real passion for deep tissue massage. 


Over the last 11 years I have completed numerous advanced courses in massage to enhance my knowledge and skills, looking at more in-depth ways of treating the muscles in order to gain greater benefit to the body.


J.R.M recognises the importance of a therapeutic approach, taking in to account mind, body and spirit.

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