Swedish massage is one of the most popular types of massage and tends to be a form of relaxation massage. 


Swedish massage is an opportunity for you to pamper yourself and have all that stress and tension eased out of the body, it provides mind and body relaxation.



· Provides mind and body relaxation allowing you to switch off and leaves you feeling lighter and relaxed after the treatment.

· Helps break down some tension held in the muscles and relieve back pain.

· Leaves you feeling more mobile within the joints and muscles.
· Improves circulation, giving it a boost, to produce healthier skin.
· Promotes greater energy and a feeling of calm.



Massage Jaipur, providing therapeutically relaxing massage treatments to help you unwind!

Kindly note that treatments are available only for women and international tourists

L. Hewlett

'Dannie has to be the best massage therapist I have ever had, the atmosphere she creates is perfect to fully relax and enjoy a fantastic massage which leaves you feeling refreshed and speeds up recovery from muscle injuries.'

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