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Face and Head massage

Combining a soothing and de-stressing head/scalp massage with a relaxing and refreshing face massage.  Releasing tension in the shoulders, arms and neck before coming up on to the face to purify and rejuvenate the facial skin. 


To complete the treatment a deeply relaxing head massage is given in order to provide mental clarity and allow you to switch off and unwind.  Pure bliss!


Half and Half treatment

Providing you with a soothing and relaxing massage for the back, neck and shoulders, all key areas that carry tension.  This allows any knots and physical tension to be released helping you to de-stress and unwind.  Next is a stimulating yet relaxing, therapeutic face massage to nourish the skin  before moving onto the head massage to provide total mind and body relaxation.  


A perfect relaxing treatment that always proves to be popular!


Hypno Massage

Ever had a massage where you'd love for your mind to be as relaxed as your body? Where you allow yourself to completely relax? Then hypno massage could be for you.


Using massage strokes to work on the physical muscles and calming hypnosis and visualisation to relax the mind, they work together to provide a powerful relaxing treatment.  Combining a de-stressing guided meditation with a soothing massage carried out together, where any intended states can be weaved into the visualisation.

J. Slade

'Lucky enough to experience Dannie's massage skills in Jaipur and in her super relaxing home, I couldn't recommend her enough. I've been to a few spa's in my time but nothing compares to a massage from Dannie.'

Look after mind, body and spirit  with relaxing, soothing and de-stressing treatments.

Take care of your overall well-being.

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 Kindly note that treatments are available only for women and international tourists

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