Guided meditation sessions are 1 hour long with 50 minutes dedicated to the meditation itself.


The first 25 minutes Dannie will use hypnotic techniques to aid you in relaxation taking you on a mystical adventure to a space and place where you'll be in a deep meditative state that provides inner calm and de-stresses you.


The guided meditation element will fade out and the soothing sound of the music will help relax you further providing this quiet meditation time to find that inner peace, switch off the mind or process any thoughts that come to you.


Gradually, Dannie will begin to bring you back out of this hypnotic meditative state.  Leaving you with a wonderful sense of calm, tranquility and relaxed feelings.




Guided meditation is great for all those people who say they can't meditate! 


The guided hypnosis means you have something to focus upon, helping you to switch off the conscious mind and put you in to a deeply relaxed state.  This helps reduce mental and emotional stress and tension and is great for minds that don't stop!


It provides a space where you can switch off and use the time to process your thoughts or enjoy the peace, tranquility and calmness.


It will put you in a deep meditative state, providing a wonderful feeling of complete relaxation and space to think. 

It's a place that you can return to in your mind time and time again.


Jaipur guided meditation is a perfect de-stresser and a way to find that inner peace. 


Bringing body and mind to ultimate relaxation, for a deeper more relaxing and unique treatment.

These sessions can be taken as individual sessions or you are welcome to book in for a group of up to 4 people. 

You can check out the various prices on the massage jaipur prices page.

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