Deep tissue medical massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissues caused by repetitive use and trauma. 


Deep tissue massage works by applying firm pressure directly on the muscles, knots and areas of tension to get to the root of the problem and break down sticky fibres, release tension and get oxygen in to the muscle tissue.


Dannie combines a variety of different techniques from soft tissue release, muscle energy and mobilisation techniques to speed the break down of tension and work deeply into the muscles.




  • Highly effective on problem areas, acute or chronic pain and restrictions in the muscles  

  • Beneficial after exercise and before sporting events.

  • Facilitates greater range of motion in the joints and muscles.

  • Great for a general loosening up when you're feeling tight in the muscles.

  • Reduces swelling, bruising and pain after injury.

  • Helps reduce imbalances in the body. 

  • Helps with inflammation, pain and loss of function.

  • Used as part of a programme to get you back to full health.

remedial massage jaipur
medical massage jaipur

Try a deep tissue medical massage treatment to really get into those problem areas.  

Effective treatment for;


*Neck and shoulder pain                   

* Headaches/migraines

* Sciatica/ Piriformis syndrome       

* Chronic pain conditions

* Muscle strains or ligament sprain

* Frozen shoulder

* Muscle tension, spasm and stiffness

* Back Pain/lower back issues

* Leg, knee and foot pain

* Sports injuries

* Hip and pelvic pain 

* Degenerative disc disease

* Rotator cuff or shoulder injuries  

* Whiplash

* RSI conditions 

e.g Carpal Tunnel and tennis elbow

* TMJ and jaw pain

*SI joint syndrome and pain


A. Spragg

'Dannie is brilliant at massage. She helped with so many of my injuries through carrying children and sports. I could have wasted so much money on physio when she has all the skills necessary.'

S. Holmes

'Dannie gave me good advice on how I can reduce my tension and build up. Thank you for my deep tissue massage feel refreshed and so much lighter.'

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Kindly note that treatments are available only for women and international tourists